What is Usability Testing?

Usability Testing, also known as User Testing, is a User-Centred Design (UCD) technique that enables you to understand what your customer needs, not what you think they need.

Usability Testing helps UX teams understand the most important aspects of their website to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and user satisfaction.

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Analyse your product's performance to realise business value.

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Discover bugs and issues in your prototype before going to market.

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Confirm design and style elements through real testing scenarios.

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Graph comparing benefits of Usability Testing

Usability Testing increases sales, improves adoptions rates, and ensures better user satisfaction.

Why do Usability Testing?

Usability Testing identifies customer trends and patterns that can clarify and validate designs, thus saving on product development costs. This can be carried out at any part of the product lifecycle.

Testing can resolve serious problems caused by usability issues, such as poor conversion and adoption rates, which are critical to company revenue and reputation.

Our Methodology

Planning icon1. Planning

During the planning phase the entire scope of the test is established. We coordinate test scripts, define participant requirements and organise lab set-up.

Synthesising icon4. Synthesising

Following the tests, the reporter and moderator will begin interpreting indicators, analysing metrics and identifying key findings.

Recruiting icon2. Recruiting

We recruit people from all walks of life, through participants.ie, to take part in Usability Testing regularly for our clients.

Reporting icon5. Reporting

The reporting phase of the usability testing process sets out to highlight and report on key findings, patterns, phenomena and recommendations.

Testing icon3. Testing

Using our facilities we walk participants through the testing session while capturing behaviours which are reported back to the client.


Mobile Devices icon

Mobile Devices

We provide mobile devices that support both iPhone and Android testing.

Computer Systems icon

Computer Systems

We also test your product or service on a range of devices to ensure your design is accurate across all systems.