Our Usability Testing Lab consists of 3 spacious rooms that can be adapted to fit your needs.

Our testing labs are used daily to observe and record real user interactions, helping you to achieve team consensus on design and development decisions, and prioritise problem areas.

Our facilities include:

  • Adaptable testing spacesĀ & friendly staff
  • Android and iOS mobile testing devices
  • Heatmapping technology
  • Professional recording software
  • High quality audiovisual equipment
  • Remote testing is available on request

Usability Lab floor plan diagram

Download a sample floor plan of our Usability Testing Lab

Testing Room

Our testing room is kept at a distance from the observation room. This allows the observers to engage in discussion without the interference of noise during the test.

We have live streaming capabilities and cameras set up in our lab to record the usability tests, as we have found two-way mirrors to be off-putting to some test participants.

Testing Room floor plan
Observation Room floor plan

Observation Room

You can watch the test sessions live from our observation room, viewing the testing as it happens. The observation room comfortably facilitates brainstorming sessions and discussions during the test.

Additionally, we can provide a live stream that can allow you and your team to observe remotely, from the comfort of your own offices.